Hello and welcome to The Itchy Coeliac!

I'm CC and I'm here to offer a real, honest look into what it's like to live with conditions like Eczema, Coeliac Disease and ARFID - and to help and support anyone that needs it!

Have you just been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and you’re looking for some advice, tips and someone who understands the struggle of changing your whole diet? 

Or do you suffer with Eczema and you need to find someone who just gets the whole flaky, itchy life and the challenges that come with it?

Perhaps you too have ARFID (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder) and you’re searching desperately for someone that can relate, offer information and advice in what is otherwise a pretty much a kids paddling pool of resources?

No matter which category you fit into, you’re in the right place.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m CC! I’m 26 and I live in Leeds, England. 

For my entire life I’ve suffered with Eczema and ARFID and in November 2023 I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.

As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s been a huge learning curve trying to manage all this. Over the years (and certainly in the last few months!) I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to make life that little bit easier.

Why did I decide to blog?

I made the decision to start this blog when I was researching Coeliac Disease. I noticed that while there were many, many, many blogs with amazing recipes for gluten free meals and baking, there weren’t many that actually spoke about the experience of being Coeliac. 

I wanted to know what it was like dealing with Coeliac Disease. How people managed with the massive change of having to cut out all gluten. How they dealt with the bad days and their experience eating out.

Simply, I just wanted the personal experience of what it was like to have it. But I struggled to find much of that!

Then, when I thought about the million times I’d been looking for the same in regards to my Eczema, I’d had the same problem.

How I hope to help

I wanted to write a blog that catered to those looking for personal experiences. Like when you’re booking a hotel. You want to look for the reviews, right? So you know what you’re getting yourself into? Well that’s what I wanted to provide for Coeliac, Eczema and ARFID. 

Just an honest, real look into what life is like dealing with them and to share some of the solutions and advice that I’ve picked up in my life.

In this way, I hope to connect with people and maybe make their lives a little bit easier. Whether that’s by providing a relatable experience or through that helpful little hint you didn’t know about!

If you want to get in touch with me, just follow me on my socials and send a message! Or you can always email me! Find my contact form here.

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