CC’s Coeliac Taste Tests!

CC’s Coeliac Taste Tests is the video series where I put my cooking skills and my ARFID to the test. Me and my sister, Rose, are stepping into the kitchen for a gluten free culinary adventure with just a hint of chaos!

Episode 1 – We made gluten free gloop?!

In Episode 1, we make Hunters Chicken Pasta! Despite a minor mishap with some grated cheese, I think we do a pretty good job!

Episode 2 – Gluten Free Gyros with a side of hero!

In Episode 2, we’re making Chicken Gyros Wraps! Lot’s of dancing, laughing and Rose saves my life!

Episode 3 – Triple Trouble Makes Mint Slices!

In Episode 3, we make Mint Slices with the help of our little sister, Nell! Will our sisterly bond stand the heat of the kitchen?

Episode 4 – How can we mess up sausage and chips?!

In Episode 4, we make Chip Shop Style Battered sausages and Air Fryer Chips! Nice and easy, nothing can go wrong…right?

Episode 5 – Terrible Singing and Teriyaki Salmon!

In Episode 5, we make Sticky Teriyaki Salmon – as voted for by you guys! But will we do it justice?…

Episode 6 – Choc Chip Cookie Oh No…

In Episode 6, we make Choc Chip Cookie Dough. This time we stick to the recipe, do everything we’re supposed to…and it still goes wrong?!

Check back every Sunday for new videos!