5 Eczema Friendly Ways to Keep Cool in Summer!

5 Eczema Friendly Ways to Keep Cool in Summer!

While here in Britain, it’s still looking a little dull and wet, I’m holding out for when summer finally comes around. When the sun’s shining, it can be a real mood booster; but it can also be a nightmare if you have Eczema!

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Every summer I notice that when I get warm, I itch. Then I get flustered and stressed that I’m itchy which makes me hotter, which makes me itch more! Keeping cool during the hot months is essential when you’re dealing with a skin condition like Eczema. I’ve put together a few ways that I’ve found helpful to manage my Eczema through the warm summer months!

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1 . Why not try an ice pack?

If I’m being completely honest, ice packs are something that I use all year round when my skin is flaring. They’re cooling and they help dull that insatiable itch. But during the months where you’re just so hot you don’t know what to do with yourself – they can really be a life saver!

When I say ice packs, I don’t necessarily mean you need to buy actual ice packs for it to work. Probably my favourite and most effective way to create a makeshift ice pack is as simple as putting ice cubes in a sandwich bag, covered in a thin towel or item of clothing.

At home I have those fake ice cubes that are just water in some kind of plastic shape that you can reuse. These are great to use as a makeshift ice pack because when they ‘melt’ they don’t actually melt so there’s no risk of anything getting drenched in water!

Ice cubes are a great way to stay cool

It’s also good because you can move them around in the bag to the position that’s best for you. So, if you need them all in one big clump to cool down that flare on your cheek? No problem! Or if it’s your neck that’s feeling all hot and bothered, spread out the ice cubes into a soothing neck pillow.

Of course, if you’d rather go out and buy a proper ice pack or similar item that’s good too. Anything that gives your skin that cold hit will work wonders to prevent itching and cool you down, keeping you and your Eczema happy.

2. Wear loose, light clothing that’s kind to your skin!

When summer hits and the heat is coming at you from all angles, your skin needs to breathe. By wearing clothes that are loose fitting and a light material, you’ll be able to get that ventilation. 

It’s also important that you’re wearing the right materials. Often during the summer, I would reach for my denim shorts and a cheap vest top. While they were decent for keeping cool, they weren’t particularly kind to my skin.

One of the best materials to wear with Eczema is cotton – ideally 100% cotton. This is something that’s true all year round, but when trying to beat the heat it’s a great option. Cotton is light, soft, really good at absorbing sweat and easily washable! 

Wear light clothing to stay cool in summer

Personally, when it’s crazy warm and my skin is flaring all I want to do is strip down to my birthday suit because I’ve always found it more comfortable. Of course when going out or seeing other people, you’re probably going to want to put something on! Wearing clothing can be beneficial to your Eczema as clothes absorb your sweat so it doesn’t dry on your skin causing itching and irritation.

Plus if your skin is in particularly bad shape, it can sometimes be helpful to keep it covered. The sun can further dry out your skin and you’re at a higher risk of getting sunburn. Sunburn can damage your skin barrier and cause severe Eczema to get worse. 

Whether you’re choosing to cover it up or to see if the UV rays improve your skin (which it sometimes can!), make sure the clothes you do wear are looking after your skin.

I personally find Eczema Clothing is a brilliant brand for 100% cotton clothes. While they can be a little more expensive than nipping into your local Primark, the benefits to your skin make them more than worth it.

3. Keep your bedroom cooler to avoid night-time irritation!

My Eczema, like most peoples, is worse at night time. Usually, just as I get into bed I’m hit with an itching frenzy or I’ll be scratching in my sleep. I’ve found that in the hot, summer months this becomes even more of a problem. 

You can read more about the effects Eczema can have on your sleep in my post Who Needs Sleep When You Have Eczema?

I always make sure that when it starts to get warm, I switch my duvet for just a sheet instead – 100% cotton! But sometimes even that can be too much and I’m still sweating. 

When you sweat, it can cause your skin to become drier and leave residue on the skin which can then irritate and then the itchiness begins. So the key to keeping Eczema flares to a minimum is to prevent sweating by keeping your room cooler. Easy right? Okay maybe not, but maybe not as difficult as you might think!

A tip I love is making sure I leave my blinds closed during the day. My bedroom is a massive sun trap and in the summer it can become insanely hot when the sun’s streaming through the window all day. By keeping the blinds closed, I’m keeping that heat out a little so my room isn’t becoming quite as warm. 

You then want to open your windows in the evening when the temperature drops a little. I struggle with this part because I’m terrified of bugs coming into my room. (Little CC fact for you there – I’m scared of bugs!) 

By opening the windows in the evening, you’re able to let some of that cooler air filter in. So even if your room has gotten a little hot during the day, you can counter it by letting in the cooler evening air. If you’re lucky there might even be a small breeze!

If you haven’t already, you might also want to think about getting a fan. It can be super helpful as if there is a little breeze you can place it strategically to create a cross breeze. 

I like to have mine going during the night because I know that’s when my skin is most likely to show irritation from being too warm. I also have a smaller fan that I use when I can feel a particular area of my body start to itch.

Blasting that cooler air on the area can have a similar effect to the ice packs. It cools the skin down, minimises the irritation and helps prevent the itch. 

If, like me, your Eczema likes to run wild at night you want to make sure that during the summer you’re creating a cool environment to sleep in. It’ll help you to relax and it will hold off those sweaty summer scratches.

4. Make sure you’re keeping hydrated!

This one is a pretty basic tip for the summer time but it is still an important one!

I’m sure we all know that drinking water is something everyone should be doing. Especially during the summer months when the weather is hot. You have to keep yourself hydrated to replace what you’re losing when you sweat. 

When you have a skin condition like Eczema, this is even more important. Our skin barrier is already pretty rubbish at retaining moisture so when we’re also losing it through sweat, our skin can suffer.

By drinking a good amount of water throughout the day, you’re topping up what little we do have. Then hopefully, we won’t feel extra dehydrated or dry because of the warm weather.

While I haven’t found much evidence to support that drinking more water actually does benefit your Eczema, I still think it’s something everyone should be trying to do.

Now, I’m one of those people that likes my water room temperature so I just stick it in a bottle and I’m done. But if you want to fight the heat and cool down, simply stick your water in the fridge. Or you can use ice cubes! 

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how to enjoy a cold drink but even by putting this in here, it’s a good reminder – go get yourself a drink! 

Making sure to drink plenty is key in the summer to prevent dehydration and help your skin from having to work so hard. So stay hydrated!

5. Keep your moisturiser in the fridge!

Again, this is a tip I’ve seen a lot but it really is a good one. I hate putting my creams on at the best of times. I know they’re good for me and an essential part of managing my skin but it just feels so icky.

There’s nothing worse than it being a red hot day, you’re sweaty and you’re irritated; you know you have to put your moisturiser on but just the thought of it covering your skin like a sticky blanket makes you cringe.

Well, this tip is a brilliant way to combat exactly that! 

By storing your creams in the fridge for a little while, you’re cooling them down. When you go to moisturise, it feels so cool and soothing on that warm irritated skin. 

Just like the ice packs, the cold feeling will help to kill any itches. It’ll cool you right down and you’re giving your skin that all important moisture hit. 

I found it to be brilliant during those hot summer months. I pop my Epaderm in the fridge in the morning, then when I come home from work I’ll get a shower. When it comes time to put my cream on, it’s nice and chilled. 

You skip that sweaty, sticky feeling and instead get that relaxing, soothing, cooling effect. It makes using your moisturisers and emollients a lot easier during the hot summer months!

So those are my top tips for keeping you and your skin cool during the summer. Remember to soothe your skin with cooling aids like ice packs or fans. Wear light, breathable clothing (ideally 100% cotton). Make sure your bedroom is a cooling environment to help you from becoming irritated during the night. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. And get ahead of the heat by keeping your creams in the fridge for a cooling moisturising experience.

I hope these are helpful! If you have any tips of your own for keeping cool in the summer, leave me a comment. I’d love to hear any useful ideas that I can try out as the hot weather approaches!

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