The 10 Best Things About Living With Eczema!

When it comes to dealing with your Eczema, you can’t focus on the negatives - I know that’s difficult because there are a lot of them! But I’ve taken a step back and re-evaluated the way I think about my daily experiences with Eczema. So here are the 10 best things about having Eczema!


Who Needs Sleep When You Have Eczema?

When you have eczema, it can often be at its worst just as you’re about to drop off into a nice, well-needed, deep sleep. Eczema is an exhausting condition to live with and the way it messes with you getting your zzz’s can be just one of its super frustrating effects.


Living With Eczema: The Good, The Terrible And The Itchy

I’ve had Eczema my entire life and that’s partly why I started this blog to begin with. I wanted to be able to talk about it freely, find people that understood what I was saying and dispel some of those misconceptions around it.  In my 26 years, I’ve had some highs with my skin and a lot more lows. This is my Eczema journey so far.


5 Ways Eczema Can Affect Your Mental Health

When it comes to having Eczema, it tends to come hand in hand with some mental health side effects. I’ve listed just a few ways that your itchy skin can be messing with your head - and a few things you can try to fight it!


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